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Plumber for Unclogging pipe in Paris

Unclog clogged drains

Do you have a clogged drain problem?

Toilets, washbasin, sink, shower or bathtub… the water no longer drains properly or at all?!

There are several professional unclogging techniques depending on the severity of the clog: unclogging pump, electric ferret (up to 10 meters), high pressure cleaner.

I specialize in unclogging repairs, do not hesitate to contact me so that I can solve your problem quickly at the best price!

I also regulate the flush after the intervention if necessary following the disgorging in the case of a toilet unclogging.

See the page about unclogging drains to learn more. I also have a machine called a hydrocleaner for large unclogging and a high pressure unclogging truck.

leak detection plumber

Plumber Leak detection and repair Water or Gaz in Paris

Leak detection service

You have a water damage or a surprising expense on your last water bill?

Water leaks, wall, tap, pipe or toilet, leaks can come from various places, often due to old material or bad installation.

Contact me to carry out a diagnosis of research of leak and for an estimate of repair. I have all the equipment necessary for the research of leak in the walls and the grounds.

Emergency water leak due to the water heater

Most frequent leaks: leak from the top of the hot water tank or the safety group has failed

Toilet leak: water flows continuously!

Does your toilet leak continuously or for too long after you flush it? Very often the problem comes from the float. Contact me by phone on the number posted on the site for the repair if you are looking for a professional plumber.

leaky water heater repair

Electric Water heaters in Paris

Your water heater no longer heats up or you want to install one?

It can happen that with age, your water heater breaks down without warning! The lifespan of a water heater is about 10 years.

The causes of water heater breakdowns can be multiple: scaling, failure of a part, the meter breaks down, the water heater leaks or is deformed, the water is dirty or smells bad…

Water heater emergency

Your water heater has exploded? it leaks constantly? there is a brown leak? steam comes out of the taps and the water heater? 1st reflex: cut off the water in your home (often it is a red valve to be turned 1/4 of a turn, it can be next to the water heater, in the toilet, under the kitchen sink, in the garage, in the old apartments in a building > it is a tap in the common parts etc.) and cut off the electricity of the water heater at the level of your electrical panel as well as the contactor, then call me without delay before any problem of flooding or deterioration of the home. I intervene on all brands of cumulus such as: Atlantic, Thermor, Chaffoteaux, Ariston, De Dietrich… 

Plumbing company

Contact me so that I can find the cause and propose you the fast emergency repair of your hot water tank.

If the repair of your hot water tank is not possible or not worth it (the repair can cost more than its replacement!), I will propose you an estimate for its replacement by a new water heater.

Changing the safety group

See our special page on safety group

Installation of a thermodynamic water heater

A thermodynamic water heater allows you to save 70% of energy. It works with a heat pump. Its cost is higher at the time of purchase but it benefits from tax credits and after 4 years, the extra cost of the purchase is amortized and it becomes more profitable than a traditional electric water heater.

gas boiler specialist

Boiler and heating in Paris

Plumber-Heating Boiler repair

I repair all types of boilers in emergency.  Boiler breakdown, gas leakage etc. Gas boiler, condensing boiler.

You are looking for a plumber-heater for the repairs of your boiler?

I can also take care of the installation of your future new boiler. Do you need advice? Call me now.

Do you want to do the annual maintenance of your boiler?

The maintenance of your boiler is mandatory whether you are owner or tenant. It is very important to ensure a good functioning of the heating and for your safety in case of leakage for example.

Contact me and tell me the brand of your boiler and its operating mode (gas, air, water…).

plumber change mixer

Installation of plumbing and sanitary facilities in Paris

Do you need to change your mixing valve? to change a joint? to install a new sink?

As a professional plumber, I offer all types of plumbing replacement and installation work according to your budget. I am supplied by a supplier who offers quality products that last over time.

A project for your home?

Plumbing work of all types and sanitary appliances: bathroom renovation, kitchen layout, faucets, sanitary equipment, change of toilet, connections, change of mixer, change of pipes, faucets, drainpipe, replacement of sinks, washbasin, bidet…Call a reliable and serious plumber. I have been running my own plumbing business for over 10 years.

I am used to work carefully and on time.

Do not hesitate to contact me for all your plumbing installation projects.

I have a team of craftsmen for each trade if necessary (painter, tiler, carpenter, plumbers, electrician …), I can take care of the management of the site in its entirety for your greater comfort, to save time and especially for a quality work because I am used to working with these craftsmen. If you search on Google for example: « plumber around me », « nearest plumber » or « plumber near me » you have arrived on the right site! I’m a pro nearby.

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You can send me videos/photos of your problem, your address, name and entry code for the door of your building (If there is one)…

Call us: +33 1 83 64 63 21

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